Gordon S. Johnson - President and CEO

A (near) native of Arizona, Gordon began his full time aviation career after attending Arizona State University (Aeronautical Technology), and in conjunction with a law enforcement career with the Scottsdale Police Department. Gordon took his retirement fund, and reinvested it by starting an aircraft charter company in February, 1983 at the Scottsdale Municipal Airport.  In addition to being a ~ 10,000 hour {with no accidents or incidents) multi engine Airline Transport Rated  pilot (first licensed in 1977), Gordon has type ratings in 4 models of business jet aircraft, in addition to his flight experience in most turboprop and piston twins. A 'hands on' owner/operator, Gordon has employed and managed a staff of up to ~ 60 employees and 11 aircraft, in 5 different states, Gordon is no stranger to hard work and efforts, seeks high ethical demands of himself and his team, and remains a truly passionate business person in the industry. Gordon's interests and hobbies include sports car racing, vintage automobiles, travel, boating, outdoor sports and recreational activities, exercise and enjoying time with his two teenage children.