King Air 200

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King Air200

About this Aircraft

The Beechcraft King Air 200 remains one of the most in-demand and requested turboprop aircraft for both business & corporate aviation flights or personal leisure trips.  The King Air 200 has one of the most spacious and comfortable passenger cabins in its class and can easily accommodate up to eight passengers and baggage.  It's onboard entertainment system will make the time "fly" by.  The King Air 200 is best suited for short to mid-range flights under 1,000 miles and has the capability of landing at smaller airports where traditional jet aircraft may not be able to land.

Detailed Aircraft Specifications

Passenger Seating
Recommended 6
Maximum 8
Cabin Dimensions
Legnth 16.7'
Width 4.5'
Height 4.8'
Baggage Capacity
Total 54 cu. ft.
Maximum 1800 nm
Cruising Speed
Maximum 289kts


King Air 200 Interior