Citation 650

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About this Aircraft

One of today's most versatile business jets, the Cessna Citation VII features a 1800 mile range ideal for flights from L.A. to Chicago, Boston to West Palm Beach, New York to Houston, and Scottsdale to Miami-as well as excellent short-runway performance. A cruising speed of 527 mph ensures that your trip will be a brief one.

At more than 18 feet long, the Citation VII's cabin is roomier than those of most other midsize jets, giving up to seven passengers ample room to work comfortably...or recline and relax. The aisle offers 67 inches of stand-up height, and the spacious baggage compartment holds 51 cu. ft. of luggage. 

Detailed Aircraft Specifications

Passenger Seating
Recommended 6
Maximum 7
Cabin Volume
Total Volume 278 cu. ft.
Cabin Dimensions
Legnth 18.4'
Width 5.7'
Height 5.8'
Baggage Capacity
Total 62 cu. ft.
Maximum 1800 sm
Cruising Speed
Maximum 539 mph