Beechjet 400A

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Beechjet 400A

About this Aircraft

Manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft, the Beechjet 400 is a practical executive light jet. Popular for business and leisure trips alike, the Hawker Beech 400 is well designed to meet the needs of short hop, speedy charter flights.

The Beechjet 400 is part of the Light Jet category, an economical class of private jet. With the Beech 400's range of up to 1,350 statute miles and a maximum seating capacity of 6 passengers, this aircraft is suitable for smaller groups or flights under 2 hours in length.

Detailed Aircraft Specifications

Passenger Seating
Recommended 6
Maximum 7
Cabin Volume
Total Volume 278 cu. ft.
Cabin Dimensions
Legnth 15.6'
Width 4.9'
Height 4.8'
Baggage Capacity
Total 56 cu. ft.
Maximum 1350 sm
Cruising Speed
Maximum 518 mph


Beechjet 400A Interior
Beechjet 400A Cockpit